Print & Packaging Customers

Successfully Implemented in the Print and Packaging Industry

Print & Packaging is available globally and has already been chosen and successfully implemented by numerous print and packaging customers located in multiple countries.  Lean Projects implements ERP systems worldwide with local Dynamics AX partners.  Please contact sales for more information about partners and customer references.

Print & Packaging is Designed for Customers in the Following Industry Segments

Alternate TextCorrugated packaging

Customers in the corrugated packaging markets require a fast estimation and product configuration system.  Production is highly integrated and requires flexible interfaces to corrugator machines, transportation systems and CAD software.  Corrugated packaging customers usually have a high number of orders with a high number of repeat orders.

Alternate TextLitho-laminated packaging and displays 

Litho-laminated packaging and display customers require an extremely flexible product builder and estimation system.  Very complex multi-part products must be configured and priced on the fly.  Real-time production integration,  management of raw materials, tooling management and the ability to handle multi-part production orders is key for market success.

Alternate TextFolding boxes 

Folding boxes are often manufactured on mixed sheets requiring multiple finished goods as output of production.  CAD integration and mixed sheet bundling capabilities are key to optimizing the production lot sizes and controlling cost.  For pharmaceutical and cosmetic folding boxes, in-process and final quality control is key for market success and customer satisfaction.

Alternate TextLabel printing 

Label manufacturers require a flexible estimation and production system that supports multiple print variants in a single production order.  Excellent mixed sheet management is required for sheet label printers.  Just in time production and large international customers require sophisticated EDI and VMI capabilities.

Alternate TextFlexible packaging 

Flexible packaging production requires a simple, yet very flexible, product configurator and estimation system.  Multi-layer and complex packaging designs must be easily configurable.  Production planning, scheduling and bundling is key for optimized use of production resources.

​Currently installed sites and countries


​Manufacturing typeCustomers​​Sites​Countries
​Corrugated and litho laminated packaging and displays​7​18​4
​Folding cartons​5​7​4
​Flexible packaging4​13​4
​Label printing​3​7​3