Print & Packaging Add-on Modules

Optimized ERP for Selected Applications

Print & Packaging offers additional modules with specialized functionality which help streamline business processes and offer extended functionality where needed.

Add-ons for Production and Logistics

Alternate TextShop floor data collection module

The shop floor data collection module provides an easy to use interface for data entry and time capture on the shop floor.  It is a Web based application which is directly integrated with Dynamics AX.  The shop floor screens are specifically designed to be used with touch screen devices.

Alternate TextQuality management module 

The quality management module extends the Dynamics AX quality management with incident report handling, in-process checklists, operation releases and random sampling processes for finished goods.  Rework costs and the specific requirements for pharmaceutical and food packaging can be addressed with the quality management module.

Alternate TextWarehouse scanning module 

The warehouse scanning module extends Dynamics AX with simple touch screens that can be used for warehousing and logistics functions throughout the complete supply chain process of Dynamics AX.  Dedicated screens for fork lift terminals as well as screens for hand-held scanners are provided.

Add-ons for Sales

Alternate TextTender estimation module 

The tender estimation module provides an easy way to create multiple estimation variants using specialized screens.  Estimation variants can be used for different number of colors, different product sizes or different materials.  Using the tender estimation module, numerous estimations can be generated on the fly.  Results can be exported to Microsoft Excel for further processing as well as uploaded to a Web platform.

Alternate TextSheet optimization module 

The sheet optimization module allows you to create mixed sheet production orders utilizing special search and sort screens.  Mixed sheet production orders can be created from a definable list of product attributes to minimize setup time (so called bundling).  Mixed sheet production orders can even be created across customer accounts.

Alternate TextCAD integration module 

The CAD integration module supports Arden ImpactCAD and Esko ArtiosCAD.  Using the interface, new packaging designs can be created directly in the estimation module using CAD standards or design styles.  Custom CAD drawings can also be used as input to the estimation module, reducing redundant data entry for measurements and other attributes of the items.