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Print & Packaging for Dynamics 365 is the complete vertical solution for all printing and packaging manufacturing companies. Agile. Modern. Fully featured.
Print & Packaging for Dynamics 365

The Dynamics 365 Print & Packaging Experts

Lean Projects engineers, develops and implements leading packaging solutions worldwide with a specialized team of consultants and developers.

We provide leading edge software solutions for the packaging industry to optimize production and supply chain based on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Print & Packaging for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations is the leading enterprise resource planning cloud solution for the packaging industry.

Lean Projects is a certified Microsoft enterprise resource planning partner specialized on the implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.

Challenges for the industry

Packaging manufacturing companies face game-changing challenges in their go to the market and business processes due to the wave of new technologies which get introduced to manufacturing industries. Agility and time to the market become the main priorities to stay successfull.

Print & Packaging for Dynamics 365 takes your business to the top edge of technology. It supports and enables the upcoming needs and trends like artificial intelligence, data analytics and Internet-of-Things (IoT) and puts you to the head of the game.


New technologies, digital printing and more flexible production lines require an order by order valuation of production alternatives based on accurate estimation and historical production data. Simulation and scheduling optimization have to be improved.

Industry 4.0

The mega trends industry 4.0 and Internet-of-Things require a large amount of good quality data from the administrative and production process in order to feed the upcoming artificial intelligance and machine learning algorithms.

Lot Size "One"

The industry trend to smaller lot sizes and a larger number of print variants due to regionalized marketing leads to a larger number of orders required. Automation of business processes becomes more and more important.


Print & Packaging for Dynamics 365

Estimating and product builder

Print & Packaging offers an easy to use estimation system for build to order packaging products. Standards based configurators allow to create new products on the fly. The estimation system support from simple to very complex multi layer materials and products.

Day-to-day product building is optimized using customizable product configurators supporting flexible design styles 


Print & Packaging contains specific industry functionality and features that support the needs of the highly sophisticated and diverse packaging industry.  Examples of the specialized functionality and features include: offset and flexo printed packaging, litho-laminated packaging and displays, extrusion of films bags, inline production processes for label printing and converting of folding boxes. 

Print & Packaging implements best practice industry processes.


The Print & Packaging solution provides various interfaces and integrations to leading CAD system like ESKO ArtiosCAD or Arden ImpactCAD, corrugator deckling and JDF prepress systems.

Production and shop floor control

The Print & Packaging production moduel support specific needs for the packing industy like print variant handling and mixed sheets. It offers an integrated prepress,  ink and tool management system and shop floor integration.


Vertical solution for the packaging industry. 

Print & Packaging is a proven industry solution built on top of the Microsoft Dynamics platform.  Print & Packaging enhances and tailors the Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution to function seamlessly for any company in the printing and packaging industry.


Scheduling for Dynamics 365

Graphical scheduling

We offer the best of both worlds - list based scheduling and Gantt chart scheduling both using easy drag & drop functionality


Columns can be defined and arranged in flexible ways. The number of scheduling columns and contents can be defined and extended to support sophisticated filtering and bundling.


Multiple scheduling domains can be defined - multiple users can work on in different domains simultaneously. This allows to schedule multiple production sites as well as different work center groups.


Important resources like raw materials or tools are visualized live in the schedule for a perfect overview.

Advanced scheduling

The advanced scheduling module automates the scheduling process by providing rules and features for sequencing and automatic setup time reduction.


The scheduling app is built with modern .NET technology. It can interface with Print & Packaging production or Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations production orders.

Production scheduling for Print & Packaging and Dynamics 365

The Print & Packaging Scheduling module is a modern, fast and easy to learn solution for production scheduling in Dynamics 365. It speaks the language of a production scheduler and seamlessly supports the workflow in manufacturing scheduling.

Meet Lean Projects

Lean Projects is a specialized supplier of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations platform.  We have built the sophisticated industry solution Print & Packaging to specifically support the main requirements of the printing and packaging industry. We have specialized consultants and developers who have a vast knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations as well as numerous years of experience implementing the Print & Packaging solution in a wide range of printing and packaging manufacturing companies.


Estabished in 1992, Lean Projects has delivered over 30 implementations in the printing and packing industry. We operate on a world wide basis and serve our customers either directly or through our local partners.


We provide leading edge software solutions for the packaging industry to optimize product configuration, production , scheduling and the entire supply chain.

We are industry experts with many years of implementation expertise.


The Print & Packaging solution is based on the leading ERP cloud plattform Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. 

Our solutions are available in the cloud, private cloud or on-premise.


 Our Customers

Print & Packaging is available globally and has already been chosen and successfully implemented by numerous print and packaging customers located in multiple countries.  Lean Projects implements ERP systems worldwide with local Microsoft Dynamics partners.  Please contact sales for more information about partners and customer references.

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