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Connect any machine to the cloud. Realtime machine data monitoring. Analytics and machine learning.
PPM IoT Machine Counter

The Lean Projects PPM IoT Central is a Microsoft Azure based web service to connect Azure IoT event hub data with Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise edition or other ERP systems.

Machine data is collected using low cost, standardized hardware interfaces based on popular and open source Raspberry Pi and micro controller hardware platforms. Counter sensors deliver raw telemetry data at a configurable frequency to an Azure IoT event hub.

The PPM IoT Device Central offers real-time machine performance monitoring, stream analytics and device configuration. Through a REST API, shop floor data collection terminals can be integrated.

The open hardware platform allows to connect a wide range of sensors through a standardized electrical interface.

PPM IoT Device Central

Digitalize your machines

Connect your existing production machines to the could and start getting immediate insights. PPM IoT Device Central provides all hardware, software and cloud services to get real-time machine data in the cloud.



Connect any type of machine and production equipment to the cloud


Easy and fast integration through standardized hardware and software components

Collect data

Use a wide variety of industry standard sensors


Gain insights quickly with real-time monitoring and strean analytics.

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IoT Cloud Connection

The IoT device is connected to the Azure IoT event hub and stores telemetry data in the Azure cloud. Sampling interval can be configured from seconds to minutes.

Data can be analysed in real-time on the IoT Device Central, or can be forwarded to shop floor data collection terminals.

The raw data can be accessed and processed with the power of the Azure cloud using stream analytics, Power-BI, machine learning and even AI.

Iot Central Schematic.jpg
Device live status sample.png

Realtime Monitoring

The PPM IoT Device Central provides real-time monitoring and insights through a standard web browser interface - anytime and anywhere. PC, tablet or smart phone.

Gain insights

  • Current speed and output of work center

  • Shift output and history daily and weekly views

  • Downtime, setup time and run time statistics

  • Average performance and output over last 10 days

  • Environmental data like temperature and humidity

  • Accumulated output compared to average performance

Hardware facts

  • Milled cab DIN rail enclosure (6 modules wide)

  • For EN50022 DIN rails

  • ESP32 and STM32 microcontrollers

  • 6 x counter interface with opto couplers (7 – 36 V input), minimum 5 ms pulse period)

  • 1 x environmental sensor for temperature and humidity

  • 1 x motion and vibration sensor

  • Real-time clock

  • Hardware watch dog timer

  • Supply voltage 9 – 36 V, no separate power supply required in machine cabinet

  • WIFI or Ethernet LAN connectivity

  • Display shield with OLED status display and indicator LEDs in the transparent cover

  • Outside dimensions: 107 mm x 90 mm x 58 mm (W x H X D) 

  • Lead free RoHS certified PCB

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